Successful Guitar Players Have Well-trained Ears

Most people who want to learn guitar focus on learning how to make their hands and fingers fast. fingerstyle tabsNot knowing that the hearing power is the ultimate key to make a great guitarist. The aural skills are the main asset that a skilled guitar player should have. When compared to another musician-to-be who has not considering his/her hearing power, a good listener has the edge of playing more songs and music. Being able to listen to songs will make you a great player of such piece of music.

More music lovers turned guitar players have various reasons and points on how they consider themselves musicians. There are individuals who thought that being a good guitar player and music lover is to compose songs. Others would recommend that a single specialized technique made up a good guitar player and some would say that you should be dedicated to what you do to be a great player. While we might think that these are the points, maybe they are true but not totally. If you have a well-trained ear, you can surpass everything else. Of course, your dedication will always come if you are really interested on being a great guitar player. If you don’t use your ears in playing music, you are left alone memorizing the whole chord chart but not playing what is correct. You will be left out playing what ‘you feel’ is correct.

how to play a guitar style

There are guitar players that do not even know notes, not even memorizing chords but are great guitar players. They just listen to the recording or in FM radio then play the songs; this is a concrete example of a trained ear. You see, it is all about your perception and expertise of what sound would be for a single note or a set. Practicing your aural or hearing skills takes time, there are people who are blessed with these skills but don’t despair as there are exercises to make you a great listener.

You can find a number of techniques on how to develop your hearing abilities to its max. Time to time practice and exercises will gradually make your ears learn more rather than squeezing your brain on the chord that the music you are listening is using. You can do this by honing your intervals, singing scales and arpeggios. Reading music needs another level of understanding but your easily get this when you have the material. bigstock-Acoustic-Guitar-Playing-80254760+by+duallogicWhen on your way to learning music by ear, you can do this by transcribing the song without using the guitar. You should not rely on your chord memorization but rather make your own solos and melodies.
This may not come easy but you can in the long run. You can also record yourself while playing the guitar using chords and then determine what chord you’ve used. Being patient and focus-driven is very important to guitar players.

There may also be local classes which are free in your locality. You can bond with other like-minded individuals to improve your hearing abilities. There is ear training software online which are free to download and watch. You can also avail a private guitar lesson with a competent guitar teacher but you should always take a deep research on the results of past students. You can do this by browsing for reviews online about the instructor or try to talk to past students who are already successful being a good guitar player and listening expert.

During your free time, you can also experiment on other things and methods that you can use in order make a good routine to practice your ears. Always bear in mind that being a good listener makes a great guitar player.



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